UniversitÓ di Urbino
FacoltÓ di Economia

Assessing the Impact of Technology and Globalisation
The Effects on Employment and Growth

Friday, 30/11/2001
Facoltà di Economia, Sala del Consiglio
Via Saffi 42, Urbino

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Technological innovation and the growth of international production by multinational companies are at the heart of profound trasformation of European economic systems. This meeting presents results results of new empirical research which analyse the caractheristics and the effects of these phenomena on economic growth and employment in Europe. These are the latest results of the research project on Assessing the impact of technological innovation and globalization: the effects on growth and employment (Aiteg), co-financed by the European Commission, DG Research, and co-ordined by Birbeck College, University of London. Several scholars will dicuss these results and conclusions for policy in the fields of innovation and international production targeted at sthreghtening growth and employment. 

Within this meeting special issues of the journals International Review of Applied Economics and Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics will be presented.

Some of the works submitted for publication to those journals, as well as other papers presented within the AITEG Project can be downladed from this page


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